Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it even, or is it odd?

Here is S.S. with her completed Cards and Counters work. It drew the attention of several of her classmates. Quite a few opened new tablets to list numbers under even or odd headings. Children are reviewing and moving forward with new material. Most are learning the routine of a new classroom, having snack, choosing activities and helping to keep their room and materials neat and orderly.
Remember, to see any image larger, just click on it. And don't forget the PODS meeting on Monday 7 to 8 P.M.

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HooftyRN said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful info, Mrs. K! I think that your blog is a great idea. I look forward to reading more throughout the school year. Thank you again for the excellent care you give all of our children!

Have a great night!
Vanessa Sandhu :)