Thursday, February 9, 2012

Abe Lincoln's Hat

Presidents Day is around the corner. It's always fun to uncover some new and interesting tidbit about these figures that we've visited so many times in the past. Like Abe Lincoln storing important papers in his hat, or George Washington using tricks to win battles during the Revolutionary War.

It's also a good chance to have a lesson on observing the features on faces. We use a portrait. We start by talking about some of the different shapes of faces; square, round, oval. I demonstrate a drawing, voicing my thoughts as I determine the shape of the face, then the size and placement of eyes, nose, mouth and hair. I'm not great at drawing, so my demo doesn't intimidate. In fact it demonstrates the ability to laugh at oneself. Both these drawings were done by 5 year olds. The one has a little hat made with a half circle and a rectangle of black paper pasted onto it.

This is a small hat the children can make. Use black construction paper. Make the rectangle about 3 inches instead of 2 5/8 inches wide in order to be able to cut tabs in the top also. Bend the top tabs inward. Use paste to attach the small circle for the hat's top. The slightly curled up sides on the hat brim will give it the well worn look of Abe's own hat.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Demonstration Montessori Elementary Classroom | American Montessori Society

This will be exciting to see. It will be a 6 to 9 year old age group at the American Montessori National Conference in San Francisco this March.

Demonstration Montessori Elementary Classroom | American Montessori Society

I hope some of you can get there. The workshops will be terrific.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

We're looking forward to a wonderful year of the dragon. Clean homes with blooming flowers in vases will bring good fortune through the year.
Firecrackers were invented in China. They are lit throughout the 15 day festival.
Here is a nice little string of paper firecrackers to make.

First, give each child a pretzel stick (not to eat just yet!), several pieces of red paper that are about 3 inches by 5 inches and a 2 foot piece of string.
Roll a piece of the red paper around the pretzel stick. Tape it.
Use a small awl and piece of carpet felt from a paper punching activity to punch a hole through the center of the tube (firecracker).

Tie a knot at the end of the string. Push the other end of the string through the hole in each "firecracker" to make a "string of firecrackers"!
Hang them around the room.