Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Finally the weather cooperated and allowed us to begin cultivating the playground garden. We divided the class into two groups; the "dragonflies" and the "caterpillars". The garden isn't big enough for more than 8 children to be digging, raking and planting at the same time. But it's just the right size for the two groups to plant and care for. Today both groups learned how to dig out each weed with its root. And even though they each worked hard, we still have more weeds to pull tomorrow!

sold !

Gone to loving homes are all the beautiful pieces created by the children. I'm glad we have pictures of them. The money PoDS earns through the auction brings some wonderful programs to our school. This fall, they gave us all a memorable Native American experience, then the Lehigh Valley Zoo thrilled us with animals of numerous types. And before school ends for the year, PoDS will host a school-wide festival on our playground.
We give a huge thank you to PoDS and the many parents who attended, bid upon and bought the children's work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more for PoDS auction, Friday, April 17

Here is that box that LC was working on. You can see his finished chipmunk popping out of its hole to EW's chipmunk sniffing a flower. JF painted the grass, RM drew the running chipmunk, LW made the sun, JK the bees, ML the snowflakes, TK the sleeping chipmunks, . . . Like most of our pieces, every child in the class contributed to this box. They're quite a team!

Monday, April 13, 2009

PODS auction pieces

Over the last few weeks the children have been occasionally working on these pieces for the PODS auction. Here is LC drawing a chipmunk emerging from its den to warm spring raindrops falling on the grass. Each side of this box has a scene of the chipmunk during each of the four seasons.

EN is shown drawing a detailed bug on the chair. While some painted the sky and grass and clouds, the rest of the class took a turn at drawing another bug crawling about on it. Examining specimens and poring over bug books since the fall gave the class plenty of ideas for this project.

Just click on any of these pictures to see them larger.