Sunday, September 28, 2008


Solving division problems with the Division Board is usually a popular activity. With this material a child can divide one and two digit dividends by up to nine divisors. Skittles are used for the divisors and beads are used for the dividends. It is easy and entertaining for a child to see when the beads are shared equally among the skittles and when there is a remainder. We often are besieged with two or three children happily pleading "I want to do division".


Unknown said...

That is amazing! It is incredible, that with your guidance and the division board, that these bright young children are already able to understand the concept of division. Keep up the great work!
Vanessa :)

kamna said...

Mrs Kavanaugh,
Thank you so much for these pics. rhea has talked about the division board and bank game many times and has struggled to describe them to me...i can now finally see what she was talking about and i really appreciate that.
thanks again and please continue this blog it's a wonderful idea!