Monday, May 9, 2011

Every year at this time, it's exciting to see the 6 and almost 6 year olds discover that they really can write. For some it takes a bit of nudging. To those who are intimidated by the task of writing about something, I tell them to just write whatever they are thinking at the moment. Likewise, to those daunted by the request to write a sentence, I say that any thought that is in their head is likely to be a sentence. This relaxes them from the initial panic we often see upon suggesting this activity. The result is empowering. Suddenly there are little authors everywhere avidly writing story after story.


Unknown said...

That is really exciting! I can't wait until my son can write sentences - but we're still working on his name right now. ; )

Marian said...

It can seem like a long time from writing a few letters to a sentence. Then when it happens, it seems so sudden!