Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Between the garden and the fence is a small area where the children can use shovels to dig holes. We try to respect the worms that we encounter, realizing that they are living creatures and that they help us in the garden. We already used 2 of the holes to hold the compost the class has been collecting from their lunch and snack scraps (fruits, vegetables and egg shells only).


Annicles said...

What is it with this age kids and holes? Ours will dig for hours with no point to it. They don't seem to care what the hole will be used for or even if it will be filled in eventually, they just love to dig!!!!

Marian said...

So true. We also have a sizeable sandbox on the playground where there are always a few holes avidly being worked upon with whatever tools are available. Fortunately, the sandbox was dug about 4 feet deep before it was filled with sand.