Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Finally the weather cooperated and allowed us to begin cultivating the playground garden. We divided the class into two groups; the "dragonflies" and the "caterpillars". The garden isn't big enough for more than 8 children to be digging, raking and planting at the same time. But it's just the right size for the two groups to plant and care for. Today both groups learned how to dig out each weed with its root. And even though they each worked hard, we still have more weeds to pull tomorrow!


SurvivingByGrace said...

How do the kids get the weeds out? Do they pull with their hands? Do they use gloves? Do they use a hoe or shovel? I'm clueless on the gardening stuff and want to start weeding with my little ones. Thanks for any help! And I love tedious details on how they do it and how you present it.

Marian said...

The children do wear gloves to weed and to dig. They also have trowels and cultivators to use. I showed them how to dig down with either tool, to loosen the root of the weed. I explained that if the root is left, the weed continues to grow. Getting the roots out was a big accomplishment and each child proudly showed off the roots of every weed they pulled. We also saved an example of each of the kinds of weeds we found. Some of the children wanted to draw them, and others wanted to identify them with our Golden Guide to Weeds.