Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fair Day & Mother's Day

Along with busily preparing for the annual Spring Show, we got interested in whales, which led to fish, then whale puppets, then a sting ray puppet which I found on the net and other various fish puppets with pictures to follow.

For Mother's Day, with encouragement to look carefully at their mother's features, the children made thoughtful and adorable, if not always accurate, portraits of their dear moms. We especially enjoyed passing on the why I love my mom comments. I like my mommy because "she plays that swing ball game with me"; "she makes nice pancakes"; "she loves me a lot"; "I do".

PODS gave the children a Fair Day last week. They loved it. Moms doled out freshly made popcorn (a big hit), pizza and snow cones (another sought after treat). On their own, children obediently stood in lines for face painting and balloon animals, flowers and swords.

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