Saturday, April 12, 2008


Last night I went to the auction hosted by PODS. What fun it was! We are grateful to Michele Wahlmark and Paula Hannam for all the work and time they dedicated to this event. As the auctioneer, Paula set the tone for a lively and jovial evening. She pounded the gavel

for numerous benches, chairs, frames, boxes, piggy banks, stepping stones, tea sets, seventeen quilts and a bird house. Michele had the children's work displayed around the room. It brought many oohs and ahhs. In addition, there was a silent auction for gift cards to golf, enjoy a mini facial and have dinner in any of several fine restaurants. We feasted on small sandwiches, shrimp, cheese and pastries. The proceeds will be used to treat the children to a special activity filled day before the end of the school year.

To all who attended, to Michele for the superb job in organizing this, to Paula for auctioneering and for beautifully sewing together all of the children's quilt squares and to all of the children and the teachers who worked together to create all of the objects -

Thank You !

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