Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh my, it's been two weeks since I last posted! I've had a little too much on my plate lately.
The class has been buzzing along. During one morning, a large, but dead, evergreen tree in front of our classroom windows was cut down. We all enjoyed watching this amazing feat. Upon completion, one of the tree specialists came to our door with a question. As soon as we opened the door, one of our boys greeted him with a loud and hearty "Good job!".
The children are wonderful. They're all so eager to learn. Right now we're on Thanksgiving break. I hope everyone is having a lovely time with their families, small or large.
We used the story of the first Thanksgiving to look at the lives of the early Native Americans. In the coming week or two we'll have fun experiencing some aspects of the Native American way of life. We'll find out what they ate and wore, where they slept, how they played, learned, spoke and how they made things without metal tools. I can't wait!
But in the meantime, here is somebody labeling and drawing all of the geometric solids. Good job!

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