Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our First Day

On Tuesday, 22 eager little people brought our classroom to life.
Returning students excitedly met up with old friends then happily met our new classmates. New students began absorbing the casual yet structured atmosphere of a Montessori classroom. Children explored the shelves for new and familiar materials. The class was busy. We're off to a good year.

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LRT said...

We've done some juggling of students and our classroom count is now at 21.
A snack list will go home Friday - please remember to plan a healthy snack and perhaps one that the children can prepare themselves. At the "Meet the Teacher" evening, we suggested fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers, and/or dips. Which reminds me, one day, a few years ago, a child brought vegies and a dip for snack. After setting up her snack she wrote on a small piece of paper, "no dubl dipping" and placed it next to the dip!

I feel we're off to a good start! We're talking about the Earth's elements and its precious resources. While on this note, please consider using reusable food and drink containers in your child's lunchboxes.